I made it to Barbuda! That was the plane. There were perhaps eight of us. All of the luggage was just tossed in the back. Shortly before boarding the plane, I was standing in the Antigua departure lounge and a bunch of ants crawled up my leg. No matter what, we are always living in […]


I arrived at about 2pm in the VC bird Airport, stepped off the plane and my coat and long pants immediately felt ridiculous. My bag weighed 49.5 pounds and it was a bit too heavy. I thought I could walk to the Wind Chime hotel, but it was too hot! I took a taxi there. […]

Destination: Barbuda

On January 15th, I am headed to Barbuda! I will be there for 3 weeks, organizing a mural with local high school students and plein air landscape painting. The residency is part of the Human Ecodynamics Research Center. It is incredibly exciting. I don’t know what to expect!  I will be keeping a journal of the experience […]

The Parkside Prize: Registration Deadline

The Parkside Prize, a design competition for Parkside Avenue, is fast approaching a registration deadline. It’s exciting to see it reach this point, as I remember going to one of the first meetings back in the spring. Submissions have been coming in and we are planning to present them to the jury in January. The […]

The Neighborhood Show Opening

Our pop-up neighborhood show opening went great. We had a large turn out, with people coming from all over the neighborhood. Senator Adams gave a brief speech about how he would like to see more arts in the PLG neighborhood. Leslie and Daniel provided steel drum and guitar music while everybody looked around at the […]

Upcoming Show: The Neighborhood Show

A group art show celebrating PLG Artists and Performers. October 30 – November 13, 2011 Prospect Lefferts Gardens Neighborhood Association (PLGNA) and PLG Arts present The Neighborhood Show: Equal parts gallery, arts & crafts market, and performing arts venue and 100% Brooklyn, for two weeks The Neighborhood Show will showcase artists living in Prospect Lefferts […]

Removed some more pages –

Took away the Philadelphia and Totnes sections from the  painting menu tab.  I’ve moved the paintings over to the now renamed “ARTWORKS” section. I’m excited about the flexibility of the new archive system. I had tried a “smart navigation” plugin, but it wasn’t working correctly. It would be great if I could sort that out. […]

Moving forward…

Hi there. I am getting closer and closer to understanding wordpress in the way that I knew was possible. I’ve figured out how to keep the paintings separate from the blog, and treat them more intelligently than a simple one page gallery. The “Paintings” option on the main menu will soon be replaced with the […]