Mud painting I got beats

I passed out at about 10 o’clock. The kids did a number on me today. A few too many young ones were around for the mural painting in the afternoon / evening. And they were excited. So while I was managing them, another group of teenagers were painting on the mural. They went over somethings […]

Workshops and the Biggest Tree

This morning I set out to work on the mural by myself first thing. The sun hits the wall of the mural in the morning and it is extremely bright. For a few mornings now I walk outside and can’t even look at it. So I head back inside for some sunglasses, wondering how the […]

I’m Safe

As I sit down to write, yet another mini-squall is hitting the roof of the research center. The roof is thin, and it sounds like there is metal on the top. The rain always sounds gentle hitting the roof, a bit like a soft static in both ears.  Tonight is my first night on my […]

Paint on the Mural

Today was my first working Saturday after getting started with the students. (Last week was the BATCAVES, which I haven’t posted about, but will back date it.) This morning I organized the paints to use for the mural, setting the stage anticipating students. I even discovered a few cans of a couple different colors that […]


Today marked 1 week of visits up to the high school. I wrote in the morning and headed up there about 10am. The plan was to work with some Form 5 students, the oldest group I’ve worked with yet. There were only 3 students at first, all girls. The reason for this: the students had […]

“Fill the page”

This was a work day. I researched and drew out ideas for the mural in the morning after saying goodbye to the last of the field students. I realized that I needed to move the process along a bit quicker. The students do have some interesting drawings, but I am to create the experience of […]

Back at the School

This morning I walked to the school to meet with the students again. I’m on my own a bit more recently. The field students went out to Castle Hill. I was sad to miss what Sophia calls her favorite place, but it is important to be persistant and present with the students to establish a […]

The Museum Opens

On Friday I attended the Museum opening, a culmination of a long collaboration between the Barbudans, the politicians and the researchers at the Barbuda Archeological Research Center  (BARC). The ceremonies started about 10am with a series of speeches by leading figures, including John Mussington, the principle of the high school here, and Dr. Sophia Perdikaris, the director […]

‘Nuff Respect Going For a Swim

Today was filled with a lot of conversation. Five more folks came into Barbuda for the museum opening tomorrow. In the morning time, I met the local high school principal and some of his students. The students were very polite and yet sharply witty at the same time. I gave the a brief introduction to […]


I made it to Barbuda! That was the plane. There were perhaps eight of us. All of the luggage was just tossed in the back. Shortly before boarding the plane, I was standing in the Antigua departure lounge and a bunch of ants crawled up my leg. No matter what, we are always living in […]